" Through the medium of collage, Central Saint Martins graduate Amadeo Orellana creates pieces of art that are bursting with depth and detail.
His artwork spans the high-end to the somewhat humorous – pasting elements of different clippings and fashion editorials in ways that are unexpected and often challenging. I especially love his pieces that draw upon nature, in which his cutwork produces a leaf-effect that brings out checkerboard flashes of colour in relief.
Some of his collages are created using an intricate and complex network of stencils, that lend to something of an optical illusion whereby I find myself trying to piece together the images that are breaking through into the foreground picture. I like the ethos behind his work – the fact that fashion is literally pulled apart and put back together to create something new.  It’s a simple idea that brings about a striking aesthetic – I only wish I could see his work in ‘real life’ too, as part of the appeal for me is how Orellana’s work is hand-made in the truest sense. It feels as though he’s taken the methods of a traditional ‘arts & crafts’ past-time and created pieces that exude masculinity from a modern, high fashion perspective." [via]


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