A gente fala sempre deste site de venda de sapatos online que além de ter sapatos incríveis, entrega aqui no Brasil (e chega super direitinho)! Se ainda não visitou, vai correndo!
"Solestruck.com was launched in 2004 with the goal of offering the look, feel, and unique selection of a shoe boutique online. We are small and independent and we always want to keep it that way. Our first warehouse was our basement. Every pair of shoes we ship out is packaged by someone who might answer the phone. We strive to make footwear special. Our shoes are typically geared toward a younger audience; because we are young ourselves. We love brands and products that are creative and push the envelope. We also love timeless classics that will still look fresh in your wardrobe for years to come."
Algumas imagens do catálogo da Coleção Fall 2011 para dar água na boca...

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