" Ovadia & Sons have, in a short time, been able to win over the cultish menswear circles with their brand of classically beautiful selections with streetwise sensibilities. Simply put: brothers Shimon and Ariel are creating some killer clothing for the modern man, regardless of what he does to pay the bills. "We get asked a lot, 'who's your customer?' and it really could be anyone. We have Fortune 500 guys coming in for made-to-measure, and then we have these young, hip guys coming around," says Shimon Ovadia. "[For the lookbook], we were going for a slightly different take on what we've been putting out. Each photo tells a story. This guy could be an artist, a professor... he's out walking the dog, heading to a meeting: it's very relatable to everyone... sort of a day in the life of a man going where he is going, and looking good at the same time." [via]

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