" Katie Rodgers is the woman behind Paperfashion, the blog where the talented artist and designer documents her latest style obsessions through utterly original, hand-drawn and painted fashion illustrations.
Katie is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.F.A. in Industrial Design. After independently pursuing fashion and apparel design in Boston, she realized illustrating was her true passion. Soon thereafter, Paperfashion was born and since 2009, Katie has been transforming runway inspiration into whimsical art.
Paperfashion has been commissioned by companies such as Kate Spade, Coach, Target, Penelope and Coco, AKW, Rockport and OlsenBoye, just to a name a few. She is represented by DBA.
If you’re interested in commissioning illustrations, or just want to say hi, email Katie at paperfashionstudio@gmail.com!" [via]

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